The visual beauty and the expressiveness of the advertisement message can not only create charming sights in cities but also compose a proper image of the brand in audience’s mind.
jpeg media is fully capable of providing the groundwork for introducing products and offering services in an extensive manner owing to its dominance over vast areas for urban advertising in the strategic points of Tehran as well as other large cities of Iran.
With all its professional practitioners in journalism, Iran Novin is in charge of designing and planning journals and popular press, relying on the modern methods of advertising using an official representative of a prominent news agency, news analysis, infomercials, and hidden advertisements via press for companies and institutions.

Services provided: :

Billboards in Tehran
Billboards in other cities
Billboards on the intercity roads of the country
Subway billboards
Lightbox billboards and CLBs in Tehran
Billboards in all the airports of the country
Billboards in all the train stations of the country
Offering monitoring for boards in Tehran and other cities
Manufacturing and installing outdoor advertising structures and models in Tehran and other cities
Inspecting, and suggesting prices for billboards all over the country
Booking advertisements
Planning for social press
Planning for technical press
News analysis and infomercials
Printing commercials